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Song List

  1. Shadow of Duality
  2. Endless Sea
  3. Honey Bee (prelude)
  4. Warm Light
  5. I Got This, Star Charmer
  6. In the Air
  7. Big Blue Sky
  8. Inner V
  9. Your Happy

Thoughts and Credits

Our Sixth Sense, we all feel it at times and some call it “our gut feeling”, intuition or energy exchange! So very important to listen to, follow through and learn from especially at times of change/crossroads in our lives. Without these intuitive –celestial-spiritual feelings, we would be a humanity lost. The songs on this particular Album reflect some sort of Clairvoyant Sense(s) that we all have, in hoping we will remember again what is most important in our lives, including compassion, love, happiness and a yearning to help each other. T.B


All Songs Written & Arranged by: Tony Bonanno /“Star Charmer” co-written by Tim Burns “ Your Happy ” written by Shawndell Marks and Tony Bonanno


Contributing Musicians & Artists:

Tony Bonanno: 12 String Guitar/ 6 String Electric, Shakers, Beat Box and Vocals

Tim Burns: Beat/electronic arrangements on Star Charmer

Al Falaschi: Alto Sax-Star Charmer

Mary Gaines: Cello, Viola – Endless  , Warm Light

Kitty Harris: Lead Vocals and Back up on Star Charmer

Jake Johnson:  Back-up Vocals,  Bass, Mandolin, Keyboards

Shawndell Marks: Lead Vocals, Back up vocals, Piano & Keys

Jackson Pertzborn: Bass Guitar

Deanna Seippel: Vocals, Back Up Vocals

Chris Wagner: Violin and Viola on Endless Sea and Warm Light

Kevin Weber: Percussion and drum works


Other Contributing Artists

Katherine Hartline: Graphic Artist-Designer, CD Artist, CD Layout, Vocals-Whispers

Amy Pierquet: Web Designer / Developer

Jake Johnson & Crew : Producer at Paradyme Productions, Madison WI- Recording, Mixing & Mastering.

All Songs Copywrite: Tony Bonanno and ASCAP 2018. For Contributing artist information, visit


Sixth Sense

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