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Song List

  1.  Vision Bell
  2. Sunday Morning Alone
  3. Storm Arising
  4. Grand Canyon
  5. Onward We Roll
  6. Spirit Horse
  7. One Town Over
  8. Darkside
  9. No Messages
  10. The Other Day
  11. Happy in the Dark
  12. Kind Eyes

Thoughts and Credits

I am very blessed to have such wonderful, talented musicians and friends collaborating on my recent project, “One Under the Sun”. In preparing for this endeavor, I was inspired to work with local musicians and artists, in support of their talents and my desire to “keep it local”. I believe we need to always help each other at the local level first.  Everyone has a creative side that is so important to nurture, grow, and to share with others. While creating this album, I’ve learned so much from the other contributing musicians and artists! Thank you for this great opportunity of joy and growth!

It IS all about the journey and what a beautiful journey this album project has been. I know you will enjoy the music- different styles across the board!! My hope is that you may find some positive, love energy, comfort, and spiritual messages that come alive in these songs for you.

Peace & Love, Tony



Contributing Musicians & Artists:

All Songs Written & Arranged by: Tony Bonanno /“Spirit Horse” written by Joe Borkowski , Co-written by T. Bonanno and “Darkside” written by Nfusion ( Bonanno, Borkowski, Schultz, Hughes, Hoon )

Tony Bonanno: 12 String Guitar/ 6 Electric- All Song Tracks, Vision Bell Lead, Onward Roll Lead

Joe Borkowski: Percussion - Grand Canyon, Vision Bell, One Town Over, Onward We Roll

Luke Crary: Keyboards -Storm Arising, Happy in the Dark, Onward We Roll

Leroy Deuster:  Slide Guitar - The Other Day, One Town Over

Natalie Fores: Violin - No Messages, Vision Bell

Mary Gaines: Cello - Sunday Morning Alone, Storm Arising, Other Day

Sharon Hatch: Piano - One Town Over, Storm Arising, Sunday Morning Alone, The Other Day

Ralph Henning: Percussion -Spirit Horse, No Messages, Storm Arising,Sunday Alone, Other Day, Vision Bell 

Jake Johnson: Vocals & Base - The Other Day +( base), Onward We Roll

Shawndell Marks: Vocals- Spirit Horse (Keys), Storm Arising, One Town Over, No Messages, Other Day, Sunday Morning Alone, Vision Bell, Happy in the Dark and Onward We Roll, Darkside-Keys

Joe McCloskey: Base Guitar & Stand Up -Grand Canyon, Happy in Dark, One Town Over, Onward We Roll

Shelly Pare: Piano - Vision Bell, No Messages, Grand Canyon

Jackson Pertzborn: Base Guitar on- Storm Arising, Vision Bell, Sunday Morning Alone, No Messages

Pauli Ryan: Special Percussion – Grand Canyon, No Messages, Happy Dark, Onward we Roll, Spirit Horse

Jim Schwall: “Squeeze Box”/Accordion - Grand Canyon

Zac Strangeway: 6 String Guitar/Tap Style - Kind Eyes

Mike Tully: Electric/Acoustic Guitar – One Town Over, Spirit Horse, Vision Bell, Happy in Dark


Other Contributing Artists

Kate Hartline: Graphic Artist-Designer, CD Back Cover Artist, CD Layout & Merchandise, Vocals

Tom Wilcox: Graphic Artist-Creator of Front Cover

Michelle Hacket: Web Design & Development, Other Device related stuff I have no clue how to do!

Jake Johnson & Crew at Paradyme Productions, Madison Wisconsin/ Recording, Mixing & Master

Randy Green: Mixing

One Under the Sun

Tony Bonanno Music